Winnie the Pooh Games

The sweet and orange teddy Winnie the Pooh has gone down in history for wearing the Disney label, although its origin dates back to the written format. Winnie Pooh inhabits a small house built inside a tree of the Hundred Acre Forest and spends her hours socializing with Tigger the tiger, Piglet the piglet, Igor the donkey, Cangu the kangaroo and Christopher Robin, the human of the group. Love honey above all things, even if it means having to continuously escape from angry bees. The boy does not have much time to devote to Winnie the Pooh games. Actually it has a very tight schedule. Every morning, and after spending hours thinking what red jersey to wear, he is forced to climb to the top of the trunks to collect his beloved honey. Once the working day is over, relax playing golf, coloring, assembling puzzles or hunting flying letters. The ordinary, come on. You are invited to share all those tasks, ungrateful or not, with the endearing bear in our friendly Winnie the Pooh games.