Violetta Games

The beautiful and lovely Violetta has a magical gift for music. Sing like the little angels. The problem is that he does not know yet. You will have to mark a trip to Madrid / Buenos Aires, and enter an academy where you will be instructed in the art of pounding the piano, to discover such a pleasant capacity thanks to your instructor. In full sonic gale, Violetta will be the object of the love of two good looking boys, Tomás and León, who will fight without quarter to obtain the affectionate favors of our pizpireta protagonist. This, dear friends, is what we colloquially call a soap opera. But not just anybody, the one we are dealing with is sponsored by the all-powerful Disney, resulting in a televised smash and the creation of a jug of Violetta games that you will surely enjoy without distractions. In them Violetta does not shoot against Martians or jump platforms, which goes, the thing revolves around hygiene, aesthetics, wardrobe, love affairs, puzzles, find the differences, numbers and grids. Did anyone say variety ?. Playing Violetta's games is a real melodrama ... but one of the good ones.