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Veterinary Games

Animals are something wonderful and you have to heal them if they are not well. That puppy that sleeps fatally because of stress with cervical pain that is killing him. Or the kitten, with the gut that makes life impossible after ingesting a dish of oysters with bad looks. Or the little bird, who went dancing on Saturday night and twisted his ankle. Everyone needs to visit the veterinarian, even if they have to read heart magazines while they wait patiently to enter the office. Well, enough of jokes. Let's talk seriously. Animals must be taken care of and, above all, respected. Returning them to health is a pleasure, both in real life and in these veterinary games where you will find dogs, hamsters, turtles, deer and even dragons! They will need your care. Or you can open a veterinary clinic to have them all taken care of. Whatever it is, you are working correctly, just as if you decide to have a good time with these veterinary games.