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There is no doubt that Valentine's Day is one of the most important days of the year next to Christmas and Groundhog Day. Why? Because throughout that day we celebrate everything that love means. Love to the neighbor, to that, that or that to which we want from the deepest part of the heart. It takes place on February 14 and on that day there are many details to pay attention to, ranging from what clothes you wear to impress your loved one, to the gift you make, to even the food or home decoration, to the that you can acclimate by placing hearts and bouquets everywhere. Valentine's games present you with these challenges and many others, such as running away from boring tasks to enjoy the celebration, how the penguins spend their Valentine's Day, participate in a motorcycle race or, very importantly, learn to kiss passionately. Valentine's games will help make a day so special, if possible, even better.