Uno Games

Emerged in the 70s by the hand of a barber by profession, the game of One is developed with 108 cards and its purpose is to get rid of those that have been stolen initially. When there is only a single card left, the player must shout "¡Uno!" Loudly, unless he is in a library or a funeral. In the games of One the cards spend a somewhat different aspect than usual, they are divided into four colors, blue, red, green and yellow. In addition, next to the normal ones we have the specials or the wild cards. Some serve to invert the meaning of the game, others to jump, steal, change the color and finally we have the boss of the sarao, the supreme card, with all the properties mentioned so far and a handful more. Do you need to expand knowledge? The best thing is that you stop reading and launch yourself to practice with the games of Uno that we have put here at your entire disposal. Do not forget to scream "¡Uno!" If you win ... and do not forget to have fun on the way.