Transformers Games

From toy stores to the TV screen, comics, movies and video games. That can be called quietly an epic story. And it's what the Transformers have followed since its inception, when a guy thought it would be cool to have robots capable of transforming into all sorts of vehicles. Thirty years later, an equally privileged brain realizes that Transformers on line games would be a great idea, precisely because of that mutable capacity in cars, which are not real virtual entertainment meat. Arrived from the legendary Cybertron, the Autbots-good robots-and the Decepticons-bad robots-face without quarter on earth ready to exterminate each other to keep the best part of the cake, while humans watch with the face of fool. Now add to all this racing cars, trucks and whatever it takes. The manufacture of new Transformers, its coloring, and many other monsergas, and you will get the chromed and stupendous Transformers games that the body asks for.