Toy Story Games

Any child knows that the universe of the successful Toy Story films, courtesy of Pixar and Disney, has one small drawback. To play with all your already popular characters, Sheriff Woody, astronaut Buzz Lightyear, the mythical Mr. Potato, the dog-spring Slinky, the Hamm bank or the infallible army formed by plastic soldiers, you have to settle for their version inanimate If you want them jumping, running and talking, you have to pretend that you do not see them. Or leave the room. These Toy Story toys are very strict about keeping their true nature secret. Of course you also have another option, to resort to our Toy Story games, in which all of them move dynamically and without tiring. Moreover, you can even direct them based on keys and buttons to perform rescues, jump obstacles, command galactic battles, sign up for exciting races and even ... play bowling ?. Well yes why not? Rag or plastic, threads or batteries, springs or ropes, you choose with the Toy Story games.