Sudoku Games

Who would have told the mathematician Leonhard Euler that the thing that he invented almost by chance a distant day, three centuries ago now, would end up vitiating both the man of the future? And what hundreds of years later would be named Sudoku by a Japanese man ?. First on the printed page and now, of course, on the computer screen, mobile or any other worthwhile gadget, the Sudoku games are still very addictive. Sudoku is a mathematical entertainment that consists of filling several grids and sub grids with a series of numbers. Whoever does it correctly wins. It seems simple, but it is not so. It requires attention, concentration and guts. Numbers can be replaced by many other things such as colors, letters, candies, stars or even cute bunnies. It does not matter, as long as we do it well and do not screw up. In this section you will find a good handful of variable Sudoku games: You can play it in classic, modern and even three-dimensional modes. Activate the brain and sudokutéate, that way you are more handsome !.