Steven Universe Games

Steven Universe is, essentially, a warrior. It is part of the so-called Crystal Gems, group that complete Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, and whose purpose is to defeat the many monsters that threaten the city of Beach City using all the powers that grant them a series of magic crystals. Well, read well anyone would say that we are before a real superhero of muscle structure, ice seriousness, striking uniform and exemplary behavior. But no, in reality Steven Universe is a little fondón that, in addition to saving the entire universe, has to try to order your room before receiving a fight or take care of your beloved and atypical pet, the goat Steven Jr. I know what you're thinking, that such a salad of plots is a matter of the first for some good Steven Universe games. Can you imagine the answer? Of course, when the mundane and the super human shake hands, the result can never go unnoticed, besides being devilishly entertaining, which is exactly what happens with the Steven Universe games.