Smurfs Games

Created in 1958 by the Belgian artist Peyo, the Smurfs have already reached the category of popular icon, thanks to comics, television, toys and movies. Do you really need a presentation? The Smurfs are a kind of tribe of kind gnomes that inhabit huge mushrooms, speak a strange language and all have the same appearance, blue, dried apricots, snout, wearing tail and dressed in white clothes, except the boss of them all, the bearded dad Smurf and Smurfette. We can not ignore his fearsome enemies, the sorcerer Gargamel and his cat Azrael. Contrasting with that physical resemblance, they have well-differentiated personalities and abilities, which is a first-class matter for a handful of Smurf games like the ones you'll find here and in which you'll have to build cars, mark a cross with a bicycle, play at ball, make bread, invent, philosophize and choose clothing. Well, that's only in the case of the blue girl, of course. In other words, impossible to get bored with all these games of Smurfs deliciously entertained !!, so, come, to Smurf has been said !.