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Slugterra Games

The future. There is a new pastime that has become fashionable, the release of slugs. It sounds weird yes, but we do not talk about the common ones. In fact, neither of the terrestrials. They inhabit more down, in a place called Slugterra. Eli Shane aspires to be the "number one" of slug launchers, bugs that must be trained beforehand and that during the flight are transformed into an element, from fire, passing through gas to pure energy. Nobody gets bored in Slugterra thanks to them. You will not get bored with the Slugterra games either, especially if what you most want in the world is to visit such a mysterious site and fill your pockets with explosive slugs that throw against terrible vermin with a hedge . You can also quietly engage in puzzles that will delight children, adults and slug throwers in these sticky Slugterra games that you can access without descending to the depths. All you have to do is start your device and ... have a good time !.