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Rally Games

The rally is a type of automobile competition that differs from circuit racing for several reasons. They are disputed on public roads, conveniently closed. Cars must be able to travel on these roads, so they look a lot like ordinary cars, except for so many stickers. The participants do not leave all at once, but take turns. And, finally, and as a more curious point, the pilot is always accompanied by a co-driver who spends all the competition playing the characteristics of the terrain in his ear, for avoiding crashing or getting stuck in the mud, uf !. Imagine what it must be like to try to drive with such a heavy one next to you drilling all the way. What boredom! The advantage of rally games is that you are alone in the face of emotion, danger and victory. And if the game has the option of the copilot, then you disconnect !. Otherwise, treacherous roads, a lot of mud and dust, a lot of adrenaline and no little speed in these games of rally to piss and not drop.