Powerpuff Girls Games

Emerged by mistake from Professor Utonium's laboratory; Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup form an atypical super heroic trio under the common name of Supernenas, a series of animation that, thanks to its delirious sense of humor and the peculiar design of its three protagonists, with those huge big eyes of different and characteristic colors , became a popular phenomenon that has played lots of products, including movies, dolls and video games. All very classic and normal, except for the healthy creative madness displayed by the creator of Las Supernenas, the cartoonist Craig McCraken, who has endowed this emblematic universe with its own and recognizable identity. In these Supernenas games you will find all that rigorously arranged and arranged. You can star in a thousand adventures in which to develop invincible superpowers like flying or having a Herculean force facing robot dogs, but you will also get involved in pillow fights ... would that do The Avengers ?. Dismelenada comedy and superheroes shake hands in these casual and refreshing games of Las Supernenas.