Pizza Games

Do not you know what to have for dinner today? Well sure we give you an idea if you enter our section of pizza games. Cook delicious pizzas following the steps of the recipe, look for the ingredients in the fridge and the necessary utensils in the kitchen. We have a lot of flavors like prawns, classic Italian or even a special for Valentine's Day. Stretch the dough well and place the ingredients to your liking, then a little while of oven and to suck your fingers with this delicious food. But if yours are the restaurants in our section of pizza games you can run a pizzeria, controlling the waiters and the cook, serving the customers or delivering the pizzas at home. One of the best games of this theme is the 'Papa Pizzeria', write down the ingredients of the pizza that the client wants, pass the note to the kitchen and prepare it as they ask. If you do it well, it sure leaves you a good tip.