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In the inaccessible mountains of Ireland there is a gloomy mansion inhabited by a scientist with a yellowish skin, bottle-glasses and a disturbed mind who has had a diabolical idea. Thanks to the power of the combination of chemicals and electricity, he will create four very handsome youngsters who will be gifted with talent to scream. After dedicating a stormy and apocalyptic night to the task, he got what he was looking for, a pop quartet he called Take That. However, an overload in the fluzo condenser altered the experiment, turning them into One Direction, a very successful boy band formed by Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall. It was going to the fore, singing a bit and winning an army of fans passionately devoted to the cause One Direction. Now it's the turn of the One Direction games, where you can comb them to your liking, discover their infallible techniques of courtship or, following the mad scientist's plan, alter their appearance at pleasure with some One Direction games designed for you to enjoy, be a fan or a neophyte.