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If normally the ninjas are silent and apparently light individuals like the air, in the case of the Ninjago the thing is out of control since, as you may know, they are made of plastic and are quite small. Well, it's that they are toys, dolls from the Lego house and stars from their own successful television series. In it, and with a lot of sense of humor, four ninjas are dedicated to fighting evil hidden under the identity of the Ninjago, each one representing a natural element such as fire, lightning, ice and earth. Always under the mandate and the teachings of the expert Sensei Wu and with the Supreme Lord as the great villain of the function. Similar and epic material has inspired a juicy rage Ninjago games in which the joke and dynamism of the series are perfectly portrayed for your sensory pleasure. With the games of Ninjago you will participate in great battles and you will cross intricate platforms in search of sacred treasures. Go, Ninja, Go !.