Ninja Turtles Games

Emerged from a comic book and turned into a mass phenomenon of the 90s thanks to a series of animation, dolls of all colors and several movies, recently the Ninja Turtles came back to the front thanks to Hollywood and its almighty film factory and popcorn. With such a rare curriculum it would be that you did not know their origin, according to which they are the result of a series of genetic experiments thrown into the sewer and the care and intense training in the arts of ninjitsu by a rat as mutated as them. Together they fight crime in all its forms. The ingredients for a lot of exciting Ninja Turtle games are served, and in large quantities. You have the classics, in which Ninja Turtles travel the darkest streets of New York fighting the henchmen of the villain Shredder. But there are also designed to please fans of motorcycles, bicycles, trucks and, of course, pizzas, which are not the favorite delicacy of the protagonists of these green games of the Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga !!