Ninja Games

Dressed in black and with a covered face, the ninjas are almost like ghosts. Devilish spirits of revenge. Entities capable of the impossible in order to fulfill their objective. Loaded with a full and deadly arsenal of the most delirious weapons, shurikens, kunais, nunchakus or senbons, the ninjas can do everything. Unstoppable, implacable and without compassion, nobody escapes his fury in these exciting ninja games. Move stealthily in the shadows, kick with fury, hit without regard, jump and run with the agility of a feline. Throw sharp ninja stars. Blind with the bright blade of your saber. Hide behind the smoke of explosive seals and surprise the enemy. Finish with him, wherever he comes from and regardless of condition. With these games of ninjas you will experience the adventure, the tension, the agility and the coldness of these fascinating human war machines, unalterable, methodical and almost supernatural. Enjoy the ninjitsu and live intensely the most exciting and vibrant string of adventures imaginable !.