Nickelodeon Games

Welcome to the universe of Nickelodeon, a television channel exclusively for children and young people. Just take a look at what Nickelodeon keeps in his trunk to rub his hands, let's see if you sound some of these individuals: a gang of crazy penguins. Two fanboys of superheroes and one Chum Chum. A trio of talkative rodents and their friend Alvin. An explorer A black and white bear fond of martial arts. And we can not forget the classics of yesterday, today and always: A young Viking, a restless bee, four mutated turtles and a smiling underwater sponge. Of course not everything is limited to animation, we also find real action series and a lot of other things. Now give background and shape to some Nickelodeon games and imagine how much they can give of themselves. Uniting all those famous stars, making them run, jump, fight, stumble, coloring, dressing, combing or assembling puzzles with your image, you have a trail of Nickelodeon games with which you will never know the meaning of boredom.