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Enclosed within the body having an entire nine-tailed fox, it becomes difficult to behave like a calm and silent ninja. Naruto Uzumaki, fresh from the Ninja Academy and absolute protagonist of the Naruto games is pure teenager hormone uncontrolled, hyperactive and noisy with a single purpose by flag, become Hokage, the village leader hidden leaf, by that get to be somebody in life. All this triggers an endless saga spiced own Herculean essentially fighting this kind of "anime". And is that part which interests us as gamers, since what is involved here is pounding keys and buttons for the win in blunt melee. And if after a lot of mamporros you feel exhausted, you can hang out looking for the real Naruto among a handful of Naruto games clones.?Con a real range of possibilities opens idle, mixing the best of Asian animation, their characteristic fighting and delicious own madness online games.