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My Little Pony Games

There is a magical place that responds to the name of Equestria and is inhabited by fantastic creatures. Among them, the ponies stand out, headed by Twilight Sparkle, which has been sent to the city of Ponyville to study the power of friendship. So touching premise is the copyright of the famous My little pony, a collection of toys whose success has lasted to this day, leaving the way series and movies. These ponies stand out for their brightly colored skin, long hair, big big eyes and the so-called "cutie marks", symbols stamped on their body and that, in addition to clarifying what talent they show, are an icon in the universe of My little pony. All that is perfectly collected and grouped in these games of My little pony, in which you will have the possibility of taking care, cleaning, trimming, decorating and enjoy these delicious animals living exciting tricolor adventures at your side, or climb on your back. My little pony games only tell about fun and the value of friendship.