Minions Games

When people came en masse to see "Gru, my favorite villain" was dazzled not with the protagonist, not even with the lovely girls, were Gru's assistants, called Minions, who got the audience in their pockets. The Minions are yellow and chubby creatures, like beans with little legs, whose sole and exclusive purpose is to serve anyone who is considered the number one villain. Its origin is not very clear, some say that they emerged from the water when the planet was in diapers. Others claim that they are the result of a chain of mutant DNA. Be that as it may, they are here, they are the funniest and they have triumphed so much that they already have their own movie and Minions games at their best. In fact, when you're looking for online games thematically related to the Gru movie, what's more are Minions games where you can make them run, jump, clean, fight, comb, characterize, color and even order if they come in a puzzle format . Come on, you will not complain for lack of Minions games!