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After the personality of the invincible superhero Max Steel is hidden a young fan of extreme sports, Josh McGrath. During a fateful accident a swarm of microscopic nanomachines entered his dying body, giving him the ability to accelerate through turbo action. Then Max Steel joined the ranks of N-Tek, from where he combats evil in all its forms with the invaluable help of the computer Berto, the massive robot Cytro and the skillful fighter Forge Ferrus. His great enemy, and partly guilty of his mutation, is Psycho. This fearsome villain with a metallic face and a bionic arm belongs to the fearsome criminal organization Dread. With such spectacular and eye-catching backgrounds as those described, it is almost offensive to think that Max Steel's games might not live up to your expectations. They are!. Fighting flaming monsters and traveling platforms firing lasers is what we call excellent credentials. Sci-fi heroes exist and have excellent health as these Max Steel games demonstrate. Turbo Fighter !.