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Mario Kart Games

In the mid-eighties, Mario, a plumber of Italian descent, made an appearance in video games platform. Your mission? Face some mutant turtles called Koopa in the Champion Kingdom and rescue Princess Peach. The success was fulminating and the signore was fully caught in popular culture. Who was going to tell him that a jug of years later would repeat success with a substantial improvement in the graphics, adapting to the 3D format and changing his paws for karts ?. It was the Mario Kart, a fast-paced and different racing game in which, in addition to winning and accumulating "items", you have to eliminate the opponents. Now such an addictive universe lands on online hobbies with these absolutely fabulous Mario Kart games, either based on three-dimensionality or recovering the aesthetics of the old Super Mario. You also have variations of the Mario Kart with jet skis and trucks. Fill the tank and get ready to vibrate at full speed with the little mustachioed in Mario Kart games.