Logic Games

To resort to the phrase "put your ingenuity to the test" in the texts that accompany all the games of this wonderful corner of cyberspace, is already a sacred custom. Ingenuity is a natural gift of every human being especially indicated when it comes to finding solutions to problems and the most complex and twisted enigmas. But the case we are dealing with is somewhat different, because now it is not about using the ingenuity to sneak away monsters, massacre enemy bases or combat spectral creatures, in these same moments the thing is to use the ingenuity to play ... games of wit. Complicated? ... ingenious?! That does not matter. What is really relevant is that for the occasion we have gathered a handful of entertainments that go beyond the primary emotions and that require a bit of coconut in order to solve geometric, numerical, creative and, above all, healthy fun enigmas. Do not be afraid of the term ingenuity games, which in the end is the same as always: Pass it divinely.