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Blythe, the eternal girl with huge eyes, moves to live in the big city with her father, settling on top of the Littlest Pet Shop. One day the girl discovers that she is capable of understanding and communicating with all the creatures that swarm there, forming a solid friendship that will lead to all kinds of adventures, although the greatest of them is yet to come, the one that you develop by playing Littlest Pet Shop games. Blythe loves fashion design, and has created a pet-only line called "Blythe Style" with which you can dress all your four-legged friends, including the hedgehog Russell, the Zoe dog or the Pepper skunk. . They are all the happy inhabitants of Littlest Pet Shop and protas of these great games where you will create cards or cupcakes, you will make them rock, jump, run and romp among snowflakes, in addition to many other adventures that make Littlest games Pet Shop something absolutely wonderful.