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Kung Fu Games

You do not have to be the drunken monkey in the tiger's eye to practice kung fu like Jackie Chan himself. Nor will you need to pay a visit to the house of flying daggers if you dream of imitating Bruce Lee. You will hit with the same force as they do thanks to the kung fu games, where you will put into practice all the techniques of such a legendary martial art based on oriental fury. Roar like a feline in every blow, stretch like a crane and be lethal like a snake. You will have steel cuffs and a supernatural agility with which to prance and kick your opponent's face, be it of any origin, animal, vegetable or extraterrestrial. You will have no rival that is at your height, the stocks of black belts will be exhausted and the thirty-six Shaolin chambers will be short with you. The Kung Fu games you'll find in this section guarantee hours of fun and lots of great chestnuts. Become the king of Wu-Shu with the help of a simple click. Orient!