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Oh, the, the, the kisses !, that beautiful art and that beautiful theme for a handful of kissing games. Sounds pretty, right? As the wise say, the kiss is the emotional expression that shows love or affection towards another person. Not only does it taste good and it is enjoyable, it is also beneficial for health (one kiss burns three calories per minute!). The kissing variant is generous, we can execute it on the lips, the hand, the cheek, the forehead, the neck, loudly or calmly and in the style of the grandmothers. All of them are tasty and highly recommended. Just like the kissing games, look at you, where you have access to the romantic moments of personalities and famous people like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez or the cast of the saga "Twilight" in full. And if like Drew Barrymore you have never been kissed, do not despair! Try these virtual hobbies while you wait for that person who will make you shoot in the direction of the moon joining your lips with yours. To kiss everyone, which is four days and two raining !.