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We all know and we know that killing is not good. Snatching other people's lives is something ugliest and most discourteous (and let's not say illegal -hands!). In real life you have to respect and behave civilly. But ... And in vibrant online environments ?. Well, there things change, because it is all trickery and could even have some kind of therapeutic outlet, for that of unloading stress. Here you are only going to kill pixels. And nobody has gone to jail for it. What is it that I will annihilate if I get involved in these killing games? Well, you have a string of targets with which you will not hit hard. They can be revived or extraterrestrial dead wanting to eat you. You will also have the chance to personify an ace of "sniperism", a ruthless strangler or be part of an infallible military command with which to penetrate the enemy lines. And if you want more chicha, nothing like the gruesome adventures of "sift" so that it is not clean or the pointer in intense killing games that will take away your hiccups.