Jigsaw Puzzle Games

In the vast universe of online games there are two distinct categories. On the one hand we have those for adults, well charged with strong emotions. And on the other those designed for the family, where what prevails are harmless and eminently educational contents. Said in a simpler way, the games of extreme emotions and the others. The funny and paradoxical note is that, in this case, to talk about the seconds, destined to stimulate that portion of your brain somewhat battered by so much junk TV, we will use the word puzzle. And no, do not take it literally, that here the thing is supposed to be metaphorical. What is involved in these puzzle games is, precisely, to unify disordered and dissolute pieces in time and space to form something logical and concrete. They are also often called puzzle games ... but we bar for home and say loud and clear, with the neck erect and the gaze pointing to the horizon, that of let's play puzzle games !. But first, do not forget the aspirins.