Iron man Games

Tony Stark was a famous playboy, genius and philanthropist who made gold by creating and selling weapons. One bad day, one of his own creations exploded near him, embedding shrapnel near the heart. Stark devised a magnetic system to prevent it from ending up touching the vital organ and ending up being the seed of what would eventually become Iron Man, a super powerful armor embedded in the body of a Stark much more aware and willing to do the good. From there to The Avengers goes a step. Iron Man was also the gene of Marvel's successful Cinematic Universe, that's why Iron Man games seem so attractive. You can put yourself in the metallic skin of Tony Stark in order to fight the evil, starting with the eternal threat that represents Hydra. Whether alone or in the company of Captain America, Thor or Hulk, Iron Man will fly, travel through secret bases, launch fireballs and stop any villain that is put to shot in these exciting Iron Man games.