Hulk Games

Blessed is the day that poor Bruce Banner took to taste the taste of the Gamma Rays. From that moment on, and each time he caught a rebound, he would turn green and turn into a Hulk, a mass of muscle and uncontrolled fury that left his clothes shattered. But what at first was a problem turned into an advantage. Bruce learned to control himself, he met The Avengers, he joined them and, incidentally, he found a girlfriend. Can you ask more of a monster malcarado ?. There is no doubt that Hulk is one of the most famous superheroes in the world. Emerged from the Marvel factory, he has staged lots of comics, a famous television series and a handful of highly successful films. He has also taken out the fists in the Hulk games that we leave here at your disposal and in which you can control the crimson beast in all kinds of missions. With the Hulk games you will fight robots and Martians, alone or in a group. Crush !.