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The legendary sequel to the mythical anime series comes to your support in game format, and does so based on the most dreadful macro-fights. For this you have all those characters who have made Dragon Ball Z the classic that is, both the heroic Gok├╝, Bulma, Krillin or the essential Kame Sennin, as the villains Raditz, Vegeta or Frieza, among others. Dragon Ball Z you will have the opportunity to embody your favorite characters, obtain their fantastic powers and fight without quarter against the envoys of evil. And if you get tired of so much fuss, spend a fabled time with any of the other games inspired by the vast universe of Dragon Ball Z and ranging from a whole football game - epic, no doubt - to a Mhajong in which the chips have the face of Goku and theirs.?Tensa muscles, shout as a rip and throw a Kame Hame Ha with our fabulous Dragon Ball Z games that will leave you as happy as exhausted.