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Gladiator Games

What did the Romans of antiquity do when they got bored? Easy, go to the coliseum to see how a handful of gladiators, muscular men, armed with swords and covered by helmets or shields, fought tirelessly. In other words, the online games of the past, when there were still no electronic devices or awareness. Today things have changed a bit, so much so that those scenes of chaos and desmelene are fictitious and starred funny dolls that you handle with buttons and keys. For all that it is still fun, and even charming in spite of everything, that there are gladiator games like the ones you will find here and with which you can go back to the past, recover the essence of all that, without you end up exhausted, in pain or , worse, turned into puree. Gladiator games in which you will have to fight with more karate opponents than you. Wield the sword, stop the blows with fragile shields, sweat the fat drop and let the adrenaline run. Ave César, those who are going to let their skin greet you!