Garfield Games

Well, the famous lasagna cat was not going to get rid of online games either. Although it may seem impossible to make some kind of dynamic and active entertainment with a character basically characterized by laziness, laziness and a fondness for napping, we assure you that this is not the case. The Garfield games that you will find here are well loaded in terms of fun and entertainment. Garfield, have you said? Effectively. We talk about the famous overweight feline, with orange hair and black stripes, a perpetually distracted look and making the lazy as a main hobby. And also from his friends, like the clueless Jon, the limited Odie, the lovely Liz, the pretty Arlene and we can not forget about Pooky, the teddy bear of Garfield himself. Together and scrambled they play games in which you will have to make the lazy cat practice ping pong, disguise, dance, give tennis, color or star in the comic books that you invent. With the games of Garfield the boredom is over, as much as it hurts the endearing fat cat in question.