Free Kick Games

Just as there are individuals who only expect fright from horror films, there are those in football who only want to see goals. Come on, they do not give a damn about the development of the game. Not that the free kick was invented to satisfy that kind of spectator, but it is likely that the free-throw games, with no further development than to place the ball where it touches and shoot with skill in order to overcome the barrier of human beings -those who cover the noble parts for protection- located about ten yards away, yes. And here comes the funny part, marques or no marques, what follows is ... another free shot !, and another, and another .... and so it will be until your hands tremble and you plead for a full party, with rest to visit the urinal and all. Or not. If you are one of those who never get tired throwing the ball directly to the goal, welcome to these free-throw games that will delight children, adults and green beetles.