Goku dress Games

Goku, the unstoppable hero of "Dragon Ball", has become world famous for the tremendous fights he plays. Combats of biblical proportions in which fire flows, huge craters are made and the ground wobbles. With so much action one wonders how the recognizable orange uniform of Goku is preserved so well. And where is the closet with hundreds of them equal. This guy has a real problem with the costumes, it's time for someone to invent Goku dress up games. In this way you will not lack more clothes to wear and you can vary it whenever you want. So, in these games you will have absolute freedom to change your whole appearance by choosing clothes of different colors and tones. Give it a more modern look. Or improve your classic uniform with slight changes, as well as expand the armor that is put for the battle. And since we are, not only with Goku, also the secondary characters of the series will pass through your hands so you can do the simulations you want. Because fighting is fine, but doing it dressed with class is better. Only in dress up games with Goku.