Disney Channel Games

The powerful Mickey Mouse factory spread its claws beyond the cinema creating its own television channel, Disney Channel. And he did it like everything Disney does, big time. Although the animation has a logical role in the programming with new and classic characters of the house, also the real image series enjoy their space. One well-known and successful hand in hand with titles like "Jessie", "Violetta", "Dog with a blog", "The tour", "Girl meets world" or "KC Undercover". In fact, Disney Channel has also released great idols of youth, like today mutated in Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana. It is this same the protagonist of some of the Disney Channel games put here at your disposal. Something prolongable to fiction stars such as Violetta or Jessie. To all of them you will have to comb them, advise them before the dressing table or even give a review of their perfect and very white dentures. Have fun and expand your friendships to pixel format with these great Disney Channel games.