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If there is something left over from the unbeatable Disney empire, it's ideas. Nor is lacking sugar, lovely animals with large and expressive eyes, magic and a handful of good intentions. With so much material at disposal, it became very difficult to think that we could never enjoy edifying Disney games, and that's the way it has been. Here you have them, ready in a row, as if they were Snow White dwarves humming that "Hi-Ho!" And what is so precious catalog ?, Well, you can shape the most beautiful love stories typically Disney between princesses and vassals, groom the hair of your pink pony, polish Cinderella or Elsa's "Frozen" mascots, and even take a bath in Rapunzel's pool of "Tangled." If you do not have enough , use the friend Selena to help her choose clothes, apply makeup or comb her hair ... A legendary world of dreams and fantasy opens before your eyes through a simple screen thanks to the power of Disney games.