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The case of the Digimon is quite curious, since originally they were born as a virtual pet. Such was his popularity that from there they went on to head a lot of varied products and create a whole mythology of their own. The Digimon are a series of creatures that inhabit a digital world known as Digimundo. They are formed from bits and computer data and their natural habitat are electronic devices. Come on, like the neighbor's dog. Digimon digievolucionan and in the process improve their skills. There are good ones and bad ones and, finally, they eventually put cookies on each other. They are accompanied by a pair of humans, the hero Hiro and the villain Analogman, who fight with the same viciousness of their digiamiguitos. All of them, together and digirevueltos, star in a spate of Digimon games in which, with similar and complete casting, you will have access to lots of platform adventures and apocalyptic combats. Choose your favorite pet and participate in this eternal confrontation between good and evil so well staged by Digimon games.