Clarence Games

Clarence is what we might call a series of cartoons something different. Far from superheroes, magic, monsters and in general all kinds of supernatural elements, it focuses on simple and mundane stories whose funny and peculiar elements are given by the characters that star them and their incomparable personalities. Clarence himself is a chubby kid without many lights, but with an optimism almost bombproof. He is accompanied by his friend Jeff, more intelligent, insecure and obsessive. And it closes the Sumo circle, which contrasts with the other two thanks to a naughty and somewhat wild character. Together they will make even the simplest task become something special. And that Clarence's games are far from routine. In them, buying a gift for your mother becomes an adventure. And when it comes to living a perfect day, the rewarding tasks are grouped one after another in record time. Even a tripping can be something unique and fun with Clarence's games. This is fabulous!.