Cars Games

There is not a film of more perfect recent animation to be turned into online games than this Cars of the factory "Pixar". Motiva ?, its sporting theme and the fact that the protagonists are anthropomorphic cars that shine eyes and mouth, with which they express themselves as parrots. And if there is a theme that arouses passions in the world of games that are the car competitions. In the cast of Cars we found Lightning McQueen, a racing car obsessed with winning, and his friends, Towe "Mate" Mater, Doc Hudson, Strip Weathers and the girl-do not miss-Sally Carrera. Together, and after a thousand adventures, you will discover that winning is not the most important thing. Although I'm afraid that in these games it is. Now take all those characters and make them star in a lot of Cars games. Not only of competitions, also of puzzles, tuning, painting, parking, memorizing and differentiating. Well, we have it already ... for your greatest pleasure. Enjoy with the Cars games until you run out of gas, driver.