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Bomb Games

Someone of the online games only wants one thing, extreme emotions and many fireworks. A "pim" over here, a "pam" over there and the inevitable "pum" over here. The more explosions, the better. Aware of this, and with the sole and feverish desire to satisfy all our potential players, we have taken out of our sleeve this section devoted simply and simply to the bomb games, where the number of "ka-booms!" Per second exceeds more than the amount of hysterical howls that sound at every moment in a concert of "One Direction". Pumps everywhere and of all types, shapes and colors: injectors, hand, dirty, thermobaric, standing, we even have neutrons and one that is called Disney and that really existed. The resulting soundtrack to so many exploding bombs accompanies pastimes of war, adventures, zombies, aliens, races, tactics and the inevitable grids full of mines that many hours of evasion have provided to your parents. All together and under pressure in this noisy string of bomb games.