Batman Games

The sun is hidden behind the mountains. The absolute night imposes itself. The rats come out of their lairs, the time has come for the dark knight to impose justice with a clean punch. Yes, miscreants, Batman is already here, and he will not let you leave with yours. Conceived by the minds of Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939, Batman has today become a total and absolute icon of popular culture. You can see its characteristic effigy in all sorts of products, although it is in the vignettes and on the screens where it has most impressed. Screens like your device, and that is that Batman games have come to stay and mess brown. Armed and equipped with all kinds of fascinating ultra-technological devices, its inseparable Batmovil or anything with motor and wheels, have as many possibilities for cyber-leisure as the hooks, boomerangs and springs that it carries in its belt. Joker, Enigma, Penguin, Two Faces, Scarecrow, you have bitten the dust. The Batman games have started and they do not intend to give you respite.