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Avatar Games

In a fantasy universe dominated by four tribes, each specialized in the control of a natural element such as water, earth, fire and air, there is a legend according to which each generation corresponds an Avatar, a name that receives that capable of master all those same elements in unison. This individual exists, is called Aang and with the help of Katara and Sokka will learn to refine his powers while being pursued by a series of enemies, such as the evil Prince Zuko. This gives rise to epic martial arts fights with the most fantastic magic as the predominant theme. Turned into a highly successful animated series, and then a movie, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" contains the necessary and infallible ingredients to give substance and form to a lot of appetizing Avatar games on line in which the combats based on fire, water, earth and air. You can also choose a more practical way building, training or learning to perfect your technique. In the games of Avatar, emotion, adventure and mysticism come together in a single element, use it!