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Alien Games

Face dangerous beings from other planets in our exciting alien games. Feel like Ellen Ripley in the sci-fi movie 'Alien: The Eighth Passenger' and survive the attack of an aggressive alien who has entered your spaceship, fights against him and manages to get out alive. In this section of alien games you will spend a lot of fear in space bases where all the astronauts and scientists are dead and only you are alive, look for your extraterrestrial enemies and come to the humans. But they are also the ones who come to Earth to sow terror by abducting from their ships the animals of the farms or the people of the cities, try to avoid it in fun shooting games. And if you want to play with more fun and less violent aliens you can enjoy games in the style 'Angry Birds' in which to launch aliens instead of the famous birds, we also have logic games in which to achieve different objectives and in which the aliens will be the protagonists. No need to travel to the sitting space from your home you can live incredible adventures in our category of aliens games.