Bakugan games

Movies, television, literature, comics and toys are often the source of inspiration for game programmers. But the case that concerns us is different, since the universe of Bakugan began nothing less than with a strategic card game. But as far as the content is concerned, the Bakugan games do not differ too much from the general tonic. That is to say, the story revolves around a series of fantastic monstrous creatures - the so-called Bakugan - accessed by the real protagonist, Dan Kuso. He and his friends will put aside the bugs in question to defend their dimension, Vestroia, and on the way to earth, hordes of villains. Come on, the thing is about combats and such. But our games are not satisfied with so little, so the catalog extends to cycling, archery, boxing, skateboarding, safari, puzzles, coloring, skiing ... or even basketball. Always with the friend Kuso as a claim. Should they be called Dan Kuso games ?, maybe, but Bakugan games sounds much better, do not you think?