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Word Games

Words are a very powerful weapon. And as they say: You can pen more than the sword. Okay, true that no one has ended with a zombie plague based on words. And try to counter bullets outside giving the peak would be a bad idea. But it also is what, well combined and in context, the letters conjoined can neatly be the subject of word games really fun, sparkling, refreshing and even instructive words. And there is a great variety. Put yourself in the skin of a child with building blocks funny words. Twist it a bit and give shape to whole sentences. Stack them, expandable folders properly and discover how to make sense. They can serve for many things, negotiate, exchange or make friends. Even to shed light on puzzles and mysteries. They are useful, are necessary and always stimulating. Overcomes this string of exciting tests and shows that give the Boneless, or that it is through keys is your thing. Puns, and I say no more, because a picture is better ...