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Hunting Games

Boars, rabbits, deer, ducks, tigers, lions or elephants .... The bug list is extensive, but all have one thing in common, they are perfect companion for a day of hunting. Whether for sport or food issues, the truth is that little matter, how exciting is to go for them, hiding behind bushes in dead silence, methodically target and shoot. The dam is yours !. If you go more exotic creatures, andate with eye, they leave those not hunt like that. They will fight and face planted you, unless you're faster aiming and pulling the trigger. Well !, already have a trophy for the living room, your friends will rage of vile envy. These are hunting games in which you will test your patience, your ability, your management controls and, above all, your aim. Nope, do not dawdle! or the prey will escape. Who will be faster, you or the gazelle ?. Who fiercest, you or the lion ?. Who more daring, you or the boar ?. Find out with these hunting games.