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Train Games

It is very curious intense fascination with trains awaken in many people. Will your machine ?, longevity ?, that are a recurring element in the history of mankind ?. What we do not know. And although trains have evolved what is not written, the locomotive continues to occupy the podium as favorite. But what would become of these fabulous and fast machines created by man without the ways to slide and much of the land sown map along many kilometers ?. Moreover, what would fans railway without train games with which to unleash their fantasies ?. ancient, modern, bright colors, realistic, anthropomorphic, runaway or happy ... trains and tracks, many pathways through which move despite possible limitations, hazards, accidents, obstacles, infernal earrings and many other exciting challenges.? Always, or almost always, with characteristic "chu-chu", whistle, smoke from the fireplace and the friendly and good-natured driver as ideal for these venerable train games accompaniment.